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Dear Student:

Congratulations again on being selected to the Global Quant Trading Career Program 2024 Summer Cohort. We look forward to bringing you to the quant world and embarking on the quant career journey with you.

To officially accept and enrol in the program, you may follow up the procedure below.

Feel free to drop me an email at if you have any questions.

Henry Chan

Program Director at Asia Quant Academy

To officially accept the offer, please follow below:


Review Program Details


Review T&C and Fill in Personal information



The Quant Program helps you make the best use of
your summer break to break into Quant

5 Jan 2025 - 30 Feb 2025 (4 weeks)
Interactive Job Simulation
Part-time Basis (1-2 tasks per week)
3 Aug 2024 - 9 Oct 2024 (10 weeks)
Interactive Live Lectures
Sat 10:00am - 11:30am & Wed 8:30pm - 10:00pm(GMT+8)

You will master Quant from
Stage 1: Quant Trading



✓ Statistical Arbitrage Concepts:
An introduction to the fundamentals of statistical arbitrage trading.
✓ Mean Reversion Strategy Basics:
  Outlining the principles of mean reversion strategies in trading.
✓ Essentials of Momentum Trading:
  Exploring the core concepts behind momentum trading strategies.
✓ Event-Driven Strategy Framework:
  Understanding the mechanics of event-driven trading strategies.
✓ Portfolio Construction and Optimization:
  Techniques for constructing and optimizing a portfolio.

You will receive a certificate from QDA(UK) upon 80% attendance.

You will apply the knowledge in projects and trading simulations through
Stage 2: Quant Trading Virtual Internship

Selected students will be paired with a London-based boutique investment firm for a four-week Quantitative Trading Internship. They will be assigned an experienced quant analyst as supervisor and perform simulation tasks related to:


  • Create new trading strategies through extensive research 

and analysis

  • Build, test and optimize current trading models

  • Research and analyze large financial datasets to find exploitable patterns

  • Design complex quantitative models

You will receive a reference letter upon completion.

Review T&C and reserve your space for the program by the destinated deadline now!

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