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Global Quant Trading Training Program, 2024 Fall Cohort

Certified Quant Training & Internship Experience Program

Certified by QDA(UK)®Certification

Application Open Now!

Final Deadline: 12 July 2024

Trusted by the Top Universities in Asia

Logo collage of top Asian universities with a seal of trust, indicating endorsement
Logo collage of top Asian universities with a seal of trust, indicating endorsement
Logo collage of top Asian universities with a seal of trust, indicating endorsement
Logo collage of top Asian universities with a seal of trust, indicating endorsement
Logo collage of top Asian universities with a seal of trust, indicating endorsement
Logo collage of top Asian universities with a seal of trust, indicating endorsement

Learning Quant opens more doors for your future career

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Quantitative finance equips Structurers with the skills to effectively design and evaluate complex structured products, manage risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, enabling the creation of financial products that meet market demands and investor expectations

Abstract Mechanical Structure

Quant Traders

Mastering quantitative finance is essential. It equips them with the necessary skills in mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and algorithmic trading. These skills are crucial for developing sophisticated trading strategies, performing detailed market analysis, and managing financial risks effectively, enabling them to optimize trading performance and capitalize on market opportunities.

Stock Market Chart

Business Analysts

It equips them with advanced data analysis skills, enabling precise financial modeling and risk assessment. This directly supports more informed decision-making and strategic financial planning within their organizations.


Risk Management/Managers

Quantitative finance provides them with the tools to model and predict risks accurately, enhancing their ability to implement effective risk mitigation strategies and ensure financial stability within their organizations.

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Quant Engineers/Developers

It enables them to design and implement sophisticated financial models and algorithms. This knowledge is essential for building robust trading systems and tools that support complex quantitative strategies.

Backend Developer

Data Scientists/Analysts

It equips them with advanced statistical and mathematical tools necessary for analyzing complex financial data, developing predictive models, and deriving actionable insights that can drive strategic decision-making and enhance market competitiveness.

Data Analyst

IT Developers/Consultants

Understand the financial theories and models that underpin the software and systems they develop. This knowledge helps ensure that their technological solutions are accurately aligned with financial strategies and compliance requirements, thereby enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of financial applications.

Shared Office

Quant Researchers/ Strategists

Provides the foundational knowledge and analytical tools required to develop, test, and refine trading strategies. This expertise enables them to generate sophisticated models that can predict market movements and identify trading opportunities, significantly enhancing their effectiveness in creating value within financial markets.

Stock Market Data

Others: Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, FinTech

Deep insights into risk assessment, algorithmic trading, asset pricing, and financial modeling. These skills are crucial for optimizing investment strategies, managing portfolios effectively, and innovating financial products and services, thereby driving performance and competitive advantage in rapidly evolving markets.


Job Opportunities available: 

Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund
Hedge fund

01. Master Quant Skills 

Certified Quant Training Program


02. Enable Global

Career Mobility

Quant Trading Internship Experience Program (Remote)

London-based Boutique Investment Firm

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Developed by quants from Hedge Funds

I'm Henry Chan, one of the founding partners of Asia Quant Academy. My passion for quantitative models and programming started early, as I was fascinated by the sheer speed and accuracy of analysis that I could achieve by creating powerful models. 

Holding a Bachelor’s degree with double majors in Computer Science & Mathematics from HKUST, I secured offers from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and even Citadel. Understanding early on the high growth potential of quant roles, I strategically chose more rewarding roles suited to my skills than a traditional IB career. Later I pursued a Master in Statistics degree at HKU.

Through my current role in a Hedge Fund as a quant and quant developer, and my prior role as the Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse (Quant Research & Quant Developer - Algorithmic Trading), I know that the high demand for quant specialists has escalated quickly, and there’s a lack of professional and practical quant training in Asia. 

Hence, I co-founded Asia Quant Academy with HKCareers and other quant trading / research insiders to demystify careers in quantitative research and trading, for university students

AQA's Quant program is designed for practical financial use, based on our years of work experience in quant trading, quant research, and quant engineering. We’ll arm you with the competitive quantitative skills and practical exposure of interning with global hedge funds, unlike other online programs that focus on academic aspects.

QDA(UK)®Certification is based in United Kingdom and is the Accredited Certification Institute for Tech Training Courses Worldwide. QDA, which stands for Quality Development Assurance, is a framework designed to ensure the ongoing development and assurance of professional quality within various fields. QDA emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and skill development to foster excellence throughout one's career journey.

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The program is designed for

For STEM undergraduates or graduates

For non-STEM Program students/ graduates

- Engineering

- Computer Science

- Data Science/ Data Analytics

- Information Systems

- Information Technology

- Physics

- Mathematics

- Statistics

- Quantitative Finance

- Risk Management

- Actuarial Science

You have to take pre-requisite courses or demonstrate solid knowledge on:
-Linear Algebra

Certified Quant Training Program


Remote Learning

Certified Program by QDA(UK)®Certification

Guided & Interactive Lectures

Program Period: 3rd August 2024 to 9th October 2024

(Lectures: Wed 8:30-10:00pm & Sat 10-11:30am; Lecture Replay: Sunday)*GMT+8

Learn 6 Modules in 30 Hours:



✓ Statistical Arbitrage Concepts:
An introduction to the fundamentals of statistical arbitrage trading.
✓ Mean Reversion Strategy Basics:
  Outlining the principles of mean reversion strategies in trading.
✓ Essentials of Momentum Trading:
  Exploring the core concepts behind momentum trading strategies.
✓ Event-Driven Strategy Framework:
  Understanding the mechanics of event-driven trading strategies.
✓ Portfolio Construction and Optimization:
  Techniques for constructing and optimizing a portfolio.

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Quant Trading Internship Experience 



Selected students will be paired with a London-based boutique investment firm for a 4-week Quantitative Trading Internship Experience Program. 

Students will be assigned an experienced quant analyst as supervisor and perform simulation tasks related to:

- Create new trading strategies by identifying opportunities in the market through extensive research and analysis
- Build, test and optimize current trading models
- Research and analyze large financial datasets to find exploitable patterns
- Design complex quantitative models

Reference Letter will be provided upon completion. 

Partnered Internship company - specialising in investment & wealth management, headquartered in London. 

Founder of a London-based Fund House

Mr Taras Rybak

Join us to work on diverse projects involving algorithm development, financial analysis, and strategic asset management.

Endorsed By Bankers Globally

Ex-Private Banking Associate at JP Morgan (HK)
Mr Kevin Luk


Quantitative skills are becoming increasingly valuable, not just in trading roles but across the financial sector. From risk management to financial analysis, the ability to approach problems quantitatively is a sought-after trait.

Trusted by finance professionals

"The quant trading coaching program was a game-changer for me. It helped me bridge my engineering background with financial services. It equipped me with stronger quantitative skills to help me transition from Engineering to work as a Private Equity Investment Associate after my IB exposure. I recommend Henry and the team as an excellent investment for aspiring quants!"

Leo @ Private Equity

A diverse group of attentive students engaging in a classroom discussion with one student standing and sharing experiences

Career Achievements of
Program Alums

What's in your investment?

Start Building Your Dream Quant Career Today

Invest in yourself now so you can kickstart your career on a high note:

- Develop cutting-edge quantitative finance skills to future-proof your career with the latest knowledge that’s highest paid in the market ⁠

- Secure top-notch quant offers paying as high as $200k starting salaries to graduates 

- Create with us an agile career to succeed in a market when your peers may be struggling

- Get hands-on experience in the quant techniques that hedge funds and trading firms rely on

Enrolment Procedure 

Program Intake: 30

The Quant Program is for elite university students and graduates. Therefore,  students will undergo a screening process to ensure they have the sufficient programming and mathematic knowledge before program acceptance.

Enrolment Procedure 

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upload your



Attend an 


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Ennrol in the program

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