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How to Break Into Quant Trading/ Research in 2024/2025?

Roles in quantitative trading/ research/ analysis are considered as the future and with salary offers being as high as $200k monthly for summer intern and graduate analyst roles, it’s become a popular choice among ambitious STEM and Finance students across Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.

In view of this future trend, we are holding the free webinar "How to Break Into Quant Trading/ Research in 2024/2025?". 

STEM and Finance students can learn directly from an experienced Quant Analyst - Henry Chan. He will provide the step-by-step guide to break into quantitative trading, quantitative analysis, algo trading and other quant-focused roles.

You will learn:

1️⃣ Introduction to quant and algo-trading, the skills you must learn to win in the post-COVID new era

2️⃣ Programming knowledge required to perform quant and algo-trading

3️⃣ When to start learning basic quant and algo-trading

4️⃣ Step by step road map for people with no prior tech experience/ background to learn quant and algo-trading in four months

5️⃣ Career path of professionals with quant and algo-trading knowledge

6️⃣ Real-life case study of using quant and algo-trading knowledge to land a USD200K job as a fresh graduate

7️⃣ Tips to ace commonly asked technical questions in the quant and algo-trading interview 

8️⃣ Where to learn quant and algo-trading knowledge and relevant interviewing skills

To sign up for free, you can just register here:



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